The  BUCO  philosophy  of  genuine  partnership  with  our customers,  rather than serving as a mere warehouse for building products, is best exemplified by our motto of “Let’s Build together”. BUCO offers a full range of products that are primarily sourced locally and supplied to our partners, which include  major  development  groups,  contractors  and  DIY enthusiasts. Our stores are designed to ensure an enjoyable shopping   experience   for   contractors   through   dedicated   contractor counters and easy access to payment and pick‑up facilities.  At  the  same  time,  DIY  customers  are  equally  well  looked  after,  being  able  to  navigate  their  way  around  well‑merchandised  stores,  while  ensuring  at  the  same  time  that  they enjoy the benefits of our extensive product ranges.

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With 40 years of experience in providing superior products, outstanding service and successful branding and advertising, Timbercity has become one of Southern Africa’s most recognized and trusted brands. We are proud of our reputation as it is the embodiment of all we stand for and believe in. Our customers and suppliers expect the best from us and we are determined to continue to deliver it.

For all your timber, board and hardware needs, come to Timbercity. We specialise in providing robust products at competitive prices, along with excellent advice.

At Timbercity we have proven to be the leading retailer specializing in timber, board, and hardware for cabinetry and carpentry applications for over 40 years. We also provide related services like board cutting, edging and the pre-drilling of hinge holes, saving you time and money.

Put us to the test! You will agree that Timbercity is your favourite project partner!  You can also enquire about:

DIY Kitchen Cupboards ­ Timbercity offers a comprehensive range of pre-assembled cupboards that are simple and easy to install. Whether you are a DIY weekend warrior or a professional cabinet maker, this ready to install range of kitchen and bedroom cupboard carcasses will simplify your project and put a smile on your face.

Custom designed cupboards ­ Speak to one of our sales consultants in store to assist you with designing a cupboard solution to your specific requirements. Our cutting service allows you to achieve the easiest possible construction process. Just bring us the plans and measurements of your space, and we’ll work with you to create a blueprint. We’ll also saw the components you’ve ordered from a full sheet of board to guarantee a minimal amount is wasted.

Carpentry and Cabinetry Tools ­ We stock all the tools you need to complete any cabinetry or carpentry project. From power tools to levels and drill bits, we have it covered. We choose the brands we stock very carefully, ensuring that we offer brands from reputable suppliers that offer good value for money.

Wood and board ­ For access to competitively priced materials, you can’t beat our selection. As wood suppliers, we offer a variety of basic and exotic timber, from boards to veneers. In combination with our cutting service, buying from us could save you time and effort. Enquire in store about our extensive range of board and timber.

Service & Advice At Timbercity, we offer our customers all the essentials to complete their project on time and within budget.  Friendly service and top advice is part of the package! We also offer a delivery service from our store direct to your door

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